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About Me

Shortly about ME:  

Originally I’m from Lithuania and currently live in Vilnius. As all girls I’m obsessed with fashion, style and all nice things that make life interesting and colourful.  I’m not so keen to talk about myself a lot. It would be better if “my Blog” could talk on behalf of me. Life is the biggest pleasure, so I’d like to celebrate it with you!

What inspired me to start writting this BLOG: 

First of all I would like to thank 2 my dear friends for inspiration, encouragement and support. Thanks to them, finally I’m here!  Thanks to all other Bloggers who inspired me to star my own Blog. I enjoy to read your posts and learn a lot!

Message to Followers:

My blog is NON-profit fashion diary!

I hope this blog will help to express all my crazy ideas, to share photos I re-blog from other blogs and fashion tips I want to point.  Hope you will enjoy it and will follow me! 

Thank you to follow!…xxx

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