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It’s started when I was scrolling through web to find any intresting facts about my favourite parfumes and here the story comes.

Ben Gorham – Perfumer and BYREDO fragrance house founder.

‘My mother is from India, and my dad is half Scottish, half French Canadian. I was born in Sweden—I lived there as a kid, and then I grew up in a few places. I spent a good portion of the time in Toronto, Canada. So I guess my accent is Swedish…or gypsy. [Laughs] It’s from everywhere’ – Ben has said about his origin.

He graduated from the Stockholm Art School with a degree in fine arts, but a chance meeting with perfumer Pierre Wulff convinced him that he’d rather create fragrances than paintings. And he has succeed!

BYREDO currently sells in 24 countries and has quickly become a reputable brand within the international niche market of perfumes.

Probably my greatest accomplishment—I remember creating this business plan when I started, people saying, ‘What’s your target group, who’s your customer?’ And it said, ‘It’s women and men between the ages of 18 and 85,’ and they said, ‘You cant do that!’ [Laughs] And I said, ‘No, that’s my idea in terms of accessibility, in terms of aesthetics—creating something that is timeless.’

FRAGRANCE IS…“The forgotten art.”

I like when women wear a lot of perfume. Or strong perfume. I’m not really into when it’s discreet. So just like with clothing, if somebody wears it well, that becomes beautiful in itself. I feel that with perfume too. People always ask me, ‘What should I wear?’ It is really about finding something that you are comfortable with, that you can wear with a certain confidence. So I think it’s that; the way you wear it as opposed to what you wear. Guys just have to wear perfume.

About candles and memories:

‘I Google-d how to make candles, and I made them myself in the kitchen. I heated the wax to the right temperature; I added the different perfume oils or essences. I bought the glasses at Ikea. The first ones I didn’t make any labels, I just wrote what they were underneath. My friends started wanting them, and then people started calling who wanted them. And then my interest started growing into an obsession…that I wanted to do this full-time. I realized I had to create some type of commerce around it if I wanted to do it full-time. So I had this idea, of a brand…Byredo. It comes from Old English, redolence, which might even be Shakespeare, meaning sweet smelling perfume and reminiscent of redolence or redolent. So I did a short of that…and I was able to register the URL. [Laughs]

I’m always kind of on the outside looking at what’s happening, in a weird way.”

“I went into a different mindset after my daughter was born. I am much calmer, not so restless, and I find a lot of joy in seeing our creations progress, but I promised myself I would not create a fragrance for her.”

Source: byredo, intothegloss, jezzicasunmo, tumblr.

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