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Inside Tibi Designer’s Wardrobe

It’s already the second day and I can’t get enough of Amy Smilovic style..and her shoes of course. Really was nicely surprised how smart she dress and looks. So, today I’m searching, browsing, scrolling…againa and again about Amy…

Is it some kind of serious obsession? =)

5 Things Amy can’t live without:

  • 1. Her amazing boys
  • 2. Bobbi Brown cheek cream in pale pink
  • 3. Labello lip balm
  • 4. Blackberry
  • 5. Japanese sketching pens HI-TEC in 0.3 tip

Amy: I a-dore snakeskin. Just cried when I found these Miu Miu booties. And then, really, there are no words for the Célines: they’re so ‘cool-guy-in-the-back-of-a-bowling-alley’ type shoe…(Shoes, Céline; Boots, Miu Miu).

Amy: I lean so much towards female designers; I think they really get that you can be feminine without piles of ruffles. Phoebe just nails this for me: the shoe is slick and bright yet quite clean and sharp at the same time. I would cry if this had a bow on it somewhere. I think Céline is just amazing for looking very minimal, but quite feminine at the same time. (Shoes, Céline).

Amy: Oh I spent my life hunting down this Balenciaga clutch. I’m so into graphic black and white. (Shoes, Céline; Clutch, Balenciaga).

Amy: I look at my Prada items as museum pieces. When I shop Prada it’s always with the idea of what will I want to keep forever, and even hand down one day. With two boys, I’m S.O.L. on that, I’m going to have a very lucky daughter in-law—she better have great taste. (Clutch, Prada).


Amy: After Acne’s runway show I headed right to the store and put this vest on reserve. I.Love.It! (Vest, Acne; Boots, Chruch’s of London; Heeled Loafer, Céline; Loafer, Miu Miu)


Amy: I went through hell to get this sweater: calling Browns in London, ordering it online, and then getting notice a week later that they had oversold; and the whole time, they had it at Kirna Zabete. There’s something so campy about it.

Amy: I live in black, white, blush and grey. I get crazed if I’m not in neutrals when I’m designing. But I always love to have something on that’s a shot of colour—it really does lift my mood.

All photos belongs to the Ccoveteur.

All story and photos via thecoveteur.

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