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Inside Tibi Designer’s House

My today’s inspiration – Amy Smilovic (designer and founder of Tibi). Amy and her family changed big city life at NYC to a spacious house at Greenwich, Connecticut to be near to the nature and feel beauty of every season …and I think it’s so good idea, especially for family life. All story & interview you can find here.

 Some my favourite (most inspiring) Q&A you can find below:

Any tips for aspiring young designers? What’s one lesson you wish someone had told YOU?
“Stay true to your vision. Things may seem daunting and overwhelming in the beginning, but keep going. If you have the motivation and excitement you can make it work.”

What about your own wardrobe — do you find yourself designing clothes for yourself?
“I design now for myself more than ever, there isn’t a piece in the collection that I wouldn’t wear. I love to mix and match designers, but every day my outfit incorporates at least one Tibi item.”

 What is your typical daily uniform?
“It totally depends on my mood. It can range from my R13 jeans, Balenciaga tee, and Acne booties, to a vintage Prada dress with a wide leather belt and Tibi heels.”

Do you have any hard-and-fast rules for your own personal style?
“Always feel confident. If you don’t, even the coolest outfit won’t look right. And, dress for your mood and schedule. One thing today may be totally wrong for the next.” 

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