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The Scent dilemma

With previous post I’ve promised to give more details about my new perfume. But to be honest it wasn’t initial idea. I guess it was a small preview and closer look to my favorite perfumes and collection I have. Yes, I should confess – I’m obsessed with scents…and should admit it’s very expensive madness. Please don’t get me wrong – it’s not about buying a new bottle and adding it to the shelf in order to beat the quantity. No, it’s all about explorations and discoveries, it’s about rare scents and their history, it’s about chemistry & power, magical alchemy you are trapped in. Yes, it takes time to find good ones, but every discovery worths it! So yes, my collection is not so big, but has individual value. You can’t find my favorite scents at Sephora or duty-free shop (let’s exlude classic scents!), but a specific boutique would be a perfect place the treasures are hidden in.

And now let’s come back to my new perfume. How to describe them? As my favorite Lithuanian writer/ Art historian Dr / journalist K.Sabaliauskaitė has emphasized – “if you want to give a peace of Vilnius or to find a scent inspired by this city – J.Statkevicius (Josef Statkusperfume is exactly one you are looking for. Scent of frankincense at the Catholic or the Orthodox church, modern and vintage, complicated and unmistakable plain, full of contradictions, as well as Vilnius is”. Maybe it will be more familiar and close to the skin for those who have grown in this city with all it’s history, surrounded by all specific places, old architecture, lost of churchs and scents. Even if you aren’t, be brave, take a chance and dicover them in your unique way! So do I need to say more?!

Source: photos via Trumbl, JS by  and my personal.

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BYREDO heart

It’s started when I was scrolling through web to find any intresting facts about my favourite parfumes and here the story comes.

Ben Gorham – Perfumer and BYREDO fragrance house founder.

‘My mother is from India, and my dad is half Scottish, half French Canadian. I was born in Sweden—I lived there as a kid, and then I grew up in a few places. I spent a good portion of the time in Toronto, Canada. So I guess my accent is Swedish…or gypsy. [Laughs] It’s from everywhere’ – Ben has said about his origin.

He graduated from the Stockholm Art School with a degree in fine arts, but a chance meeting with perfumer Pierre Wulff convinced him that he’d rather create fragrances than paintings. And he has succeed!

BYREDO currently sells in 24 countries and has quickly become a reputable brand within the international niche market of perfumes.

Probably my greatest accomplishment—I remember creating this business plan when I started, people saying, ‘What’s your target group, who’s your customer?’ And it said, ‘It’s women and men between the ages of 18 and 85,’ and they said, ‘You cant do that!’ [Laughs] And I said, ‘No, that’s my idea in terms of accessibility, in terms of aesthetics—creating something that is timeless.’

FRAGRANCE IS…“The forgotten art.”

I like when women wear a lot of perfume. Or strong perfume. I’m not really into when it’s discreet. So just like with clothing, if somebody wears it well, that becomes beautiful in itself. I feel that with perfume too. People always ask me, ‘What should I wear?’ It is really about finding something that you are comfortable with, that you can wear with a certain confidence. So I think it’s that; the way you wear it as opposed to what you wear. Guys just have to wear perfume.

About candles and memories:

‘I Google-d how to make candles, and I made them myself in the kitchen. I heated the wax to the right temperature; I added the different perfume oils or essences. I bought the glasses at Ikea. The first ones I didn’t make any labels, I just wrote what they were underneath. My friends started wanting them, and then people started calling who wanted them. And then my interest started growing into an obsession…that I wanted to do this full-time. I realized I had to create some type of commerce around it if I wanted to do it full-time. So I had this idea, of a brand…Byredo. It comes from Old English, redolence, which might even be Shakespeare, meaning sweet smelling perfume and reminiscent of redolence or redolent. So I did a short of that…and I was able to register the URL. [Laughs]

I’m always kind of on the outside looking at what’s happening, in a weird way.”

“I went into a different mindset after my daughter was born. I am much calmer, not so restless, and I find a lot of joy in seeing our creations progress, but I promised myself I would not create a fragrance for her.”

Source: byredo, intothegloss, jezzicasunmo, tumblr.

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