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Dream House

When I see such beauty I can’t resist. I want to change and renew my flat immediately: to change everything from the base, to live in chaotic space under crazy mood while old and borring environment will turn to unique masterpiece.

So, again I present some amazing ideas for the living space. This time I crushed on Lithuanian interior decorator – Indra Marcinkeviciene. She is perfect in this sphere and has unique script. For more ideas and information you can follow on her web page – Interjerai be saiko“.

For your attention some ideas directly from her own house.

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Top Closets

Some candies for our eyes – TOP 10 closets of popular Fashion Bloggers featured by Cocorosa. Magical places full of treasures we all would like to peek, touch, grab or even steal. All story with lots of pictures you can find here.

Check the best ideas how to organize your stuff and maybe next time we could make a tour at your apartment. So let’s start this magical trip…and don’t forget to make notes for main tips!

1) The Clothing Rack – it is a kind of fitment all fashion blogger must have!

Images via Passions for Fashions, Fashion Toast and etc.

2)  Separate Shelves for your Shoes!

Images via The Glamourai, The Blond Salad, Sea of Shoes and etc.

3) Get a hook on the door for all your amazing collection of bags.

4) Love your accessories and give them some space…especially for perfumes!

Images via columbine, the Glamourai, afterdrk.

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Apartment in São Paulo

It’s clear I need to change or renew my living space. And again new inspiration for the original interior. This time it’s fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch and his Fabio Souza’s apartment in São Paulo (featured by The Selby). Some candies for your soul and cool kick-off for your minds. For sure just artists could match such freaking home accessories, to mix different styles and eras in order it would work so right for the final target – fabulous stylish pad.

All photos belongs to The Selby.

All story and photos via TheSelby.

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The Selby for ZARA

It’s not a new video, as was featured at ZARA’s web page even on November. But the way The Selby did it is so simply fresh, light and unusual, I mean not in ZARA’s style. It hooked me…time to time I come back to watch it over and over to feel the simplicity and clearness of mind, to feel the concept of life.

Source: The Selby, YouTube.

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New Idea

Today all evening have browsed in my pc for old photos… somehow I need to make a clear order here, as one day will lost in the huge amout of pics, docs and favourite music 🙂

Want to share one pic with intresting idea for home – hanger for your collection of sunglasses. Make it alive!

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