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Bohemia vs Classic

It’s totally amazing and strong MEN fashion collections for Fall 2013. I’m in love with both – Drie Van Noten and Louis Vuitton! My 2 top favourite styles – Bohemian & Classic – have strong voice here. With big pleasure would grab some items to wear by myself even now. 

 Dries Van Noten

And despite the fact Tim Blanks compared Dries collection with “The Morning After” and “Wearing pajamas to the supermarket is often the first sign of mental collapse” I’m in love with these boho look pajamas suits in luxury prints.

Louis Vuitton

Agree with TimKim Jone (Louis Vuittons) understands luxury. “The tone was set: technical expertise meets extravagance”.  In my eyes collection was amazing and that’s true – Jones certainly reached the top of Everest with the Fall show.


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MAN on!

Ohhh, it’s a real candy for ladies eyes (thanks to Tommy Ton!)– so many handsome men on the streets of big fashion cities. Should admit, men nowadays are ingenious what concerns style and fashion questions. Ladies, there is a ground to improve for us! To be honest, after all we have much more freedom to choose: dresses + skirts + trouses + shorts and so on…Let’s be creative!

Images by Tommy Ton via

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Ave Maria

Definitely it’s true – Givenchy passed from dog’s kind to religion motive. Abstract Madonna faces and other Catholic paintings scenery is new wind in prints fashion, but almost elementary in human being and art of all times. Presented as modern trend for men fashion for Spring 2013 by Riccardo Tisci, it was so desirably overtaken by feminine gender.

If you had possibility to read a review of original show at Paris – you would be inspired to be there for any price – a lily-bedecked archway, air thick with incense and a sonorously churchy organ to get in an appropriately reverent mood. Ohh, Tisci, you’ve made a great work again!

And as a big fan of Givenchy I should agree with Tim Blanks (Editor at – “In mere months, the Virgin Mary will be as inescapable as birds of paradise are now”. So, should we go for a new T-shirt?

…and if your budgest for T-shirt is quite strickt, alternative version could be found here.

Source:, google, choies.

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